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An app for Android to promote accounts, send automated DMs and schedule posts

Our Benefits

Why Ploxia is the best service for Instagram automation

No downloads

You can use Ploxia straight from the web on all browsers. You don't need to download or install anything to enjoy our service, which is why Ploxia is the safest Instagram bot available.

Full automatize

You can easily automate your likes, follows and comments that you set manually. Ploxia will do the job for you 24/7.

Start and close

Ploxia conveniently works on our servers, which means you can feel free to logout, change accounts, or even close your browser window after you start your Ploxia activity.

3 days free trial

We're confident that you'll love our service. Try Ploxia free for 3 days and you'll see why Instagrammers continue to use our service.

Full control

We provide tons of filters and customization options to help you increase your Instagram followers, likes and comments for the target audiences that make sense for you.

Safe to use

Our one of a kind service will automatically reduce its speed to ensure that your account is safe from hitting Instagram limits and we offer multiple speed settings for more advanced users.

Easy setup

Ploxia very easy to set up, as to promote one or one hundred of your accounts. To configure a service, it takes just 10 minutes!

Mobile friendly

We've optimized our website to work seamlessly on all mobile devices. Now you can access and manage your activity whenever you want, wherever you are.

Technical Support

We guarantee that you will receive technical assistance whenever you need it. Feel free to contact us with your questions and our friendly team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Ploxia presentation

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Manage & Promote multiple accounts

In the dashboard, you can monitor the progress of your account, check your stats and analyze the work. You can switch between your accounts with just 1 click. The coolest part - you can manage hundreds of accounts on one page without having to login in each one of them!

Target Audience

Communicate with your target audience

In the Ploxia service you can accurately choose your target audience. Available promotions by accounts, hash-tags and on the collected database of users.


Full control of your activity time

With autoposting, you can plan the publication of your posts for many months to come on every day and Ploxia will publish all the posts in the specified period. This function also helps your account to stay safe by ensuring that your activity looks less like a bot and more like a human!

For Whom

Personal accounts

Instagram gives you a unique opportunity to share your life with other users around the world. With the help of our service you can make your account more interesting for other people and make it more popular. Turn on your activity while you're sleeping or at work and your flow of followers and likes will never end.

Business page

If you use Instagram to attract new customers or collect an active target audience around your brand, Ploxia is the best tool for you! Our service will help you to make your brand more visible in Instagram and will attract new visitors to your page. The attention your business receives will be neverending.

How it Works

Get started in four easy steps

1Sign up

Signing up for Ploxia is quick and takes less than a minute. Sign up now to receive your first 3 days for free!

2Add account

Next, add your Instagram accounts using your credentials. Don't worry, we take your privacy and security very seriously.

3Adjust settings

There are lots of settings that you can customize to specifically target the Instagram accounts that matter to you.

4Enjoy and relax

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective it is. Just push the red button «sign up» to get started and watch the new followers roll in!


Absolutely awesome service!

Ploxia helped me to increase the amount of my followers and to attract new target audience active in my Instagram account! I promote my personal page on the service for more than 9 months and 100% happy with the result!

10 out of 10

Thanks to the service Ploxia! I will greatly increase the audience of my company’s page in Instagram! Service is flawlessly. The support team helps and tells how to work with service!

You guys are legends!

Thanks to your service I was able to significantly increase the number of my followers just for 1 month! I took first 3-days test and then paid for access to the service and was very pleased with the result! I like the service, and continue to work in it!

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Instagram Account Promotion

Android app

$ 15.99
30 days

Instagram Direct Mailing

Android app

$ 12
30 days

Instagram Auto

Android app

$ 9.95
30 days

TikTok Account

$ 10
30 days